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CURRENT | Kenya Kirinyaga Rungeto Karimikui AA

Our first SIGNAL CURRENT is a special single origin, roasted medium for a very clean, exotic and balanced cup of coffee. Kenyan coffees are known for their acidity and spice tones; this cup hit the classic Kenyan cup profile on the head without being overwhelming like some (very balanced in its tones). Not quite sizzling, but a quite noticeable lemony floral tone up front at the light to medium roast points, balanced with some herbal spice and fading into a nice chocolaty flavor that lingers on the tongue. Low acidity and strong bittersweet chocolate profile here, plus the traditional Kenyan spice note leaves a very smoky tone on the palate.

A limited edition 10oz. whole bean selection, with each CURRENT we are roasting one bag only for a short run in this category. Get this now before it is gone, and tune in for our future CURRENT offerings!

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